Haters Trolled Little Girl Nisha For Her Skin Color & Said She Cannot Be Sunny’s Daughter


Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are proud parents of three kids; however, they all are adopted and not their biological babies.

The couple made headlines when they announced the arrival of a cute baby girl Nisha Kaur Weber in their family. There were many who praised them for such a big and wonderful decision; however, the couple had to face criticism and mockery from netizens too who took a jibe at them for Nisha’s skin colour considering that both Sunny and Daniel are fair in complexion.

Ever since, they often get trolled on social media for adopting Nisha whenever they post a pic with her as there are some people who still can’t get over with petty things like colour, body shape, etc.

Once again the same happened when trollers targeted Nisha as well as Sunny and Daniel after a photo featuring the trio went viral on social media.

Check out the pic:

While many admired the couple’s bonding with Nisha and how they are bringing her up, there were few who again took a dig at the little girl’s skin colour and tried to shame all the three.

Here are some selected comments:







It is extremely disgusting that people are not sparing even little kids who have simply no idea as to how human beings differentiate people on the basis of caste, religion, colour and body type. Such people should learn that it is very important to think before commenting and even though they might have said it jokingly, their comments may hurt sentiments of others badly.

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