Pak Journalist Trolled Shoaib Malik Over Defeat. Sania’s Reply Made Him Delete Tweet


India badly defeated Pakistan in the recent Asia Cup matches. Pakistani cricket team became the center of jokes on social media after this loss.

Well, we all know that before the matches, Pakistan team was confident of winning; this gave Indians some more reasons to troll them.

However, we came across many trolls that were targeted at Shoaib Malik. Several people made fun of Shoaib for losing to his wife’s country. Luckily, he doesn’t give to such sh*t.

Even a Pakistani journalist tried trolling him on Twitter. However, Sania Mirza gave him a befitting reply and it made him delete the tweet.

He had posted the tweet in Urdu, but the translation reads,

“Someone should ask Shoaib Malik, if he has impressed Sania Mirza, can he play for the team in the next tournament? After pleasing his wife, can he do what the nation expects from him? “

The tweet is deleted, but you can’t miss to see Sania’s reply;

Sania’s tweet read,

“Arre bechaara.. clearly the poor guy has been watching a different Asia Cup!!”

Someone pointed out to Sania that he deleted the tweet, and Sania gave a confident reply.

Haha, Sania’s reply is totally apt and she trolled him instead. The Pakistani journalist doubted Shoaib Malik’s skills but poor guy had to delete his tweet.

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