The Dream Of Flying Cars Is A Reality Now As First Transition Is Up For Booking


With time our values and morals might be degrading but the world is moving towards advancement as far as science and technology is concerned.

While there are several methods that are being discussed right now to effectively decrease the road traffic, the latest advancement in transport can prove to be just a start of the revolution.

The dream of flying cars is finally a reality as the world has been introduced its first flying car which is ready to go on sale. As per an international website, Terrafugia has started taking orders for pre-sales of a two-seat roadable aircraft. The transition is capable of transforming from a car to an aircraft in less than one minute.

The vehicle which can seat two people will be able to travel at up to 100 mph speed. Additionally, it will have a boost mode which offers a brief burst of extra power while flying.

The delivery of these aircrafts which cost in 3-4 crore range is expected to start from next year.

An upgraded version of the vehicle named TF-2 is also ready. It is a three-part vehicle also having a detachable pod which promises a new level of comfort, convenience and efficiency.

Isn’t that amazing?

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