Mumbai Food: Tuck into jams, pickles made out of pork and bacon


Tuck into jams and pickles starring pork and bacon, courtesy an enterprising home cook

Priya John
Priya John

A cute pink pig dressed as a cupid, angel and demon smiles at us from the labels of various 200gm bottles that we’ve picked up from Jar-ry Eyed Surprise, an Andheri-based home run venture by Priya John, launched this April. These contain mayonnaise, jams and even pickle – all made using pork. When refrigerated, they last up to a month. “I’ve found variants with other meats but rarely anything with pork. Since I love bacon and pork, I decided to experiment with it and came up with a bacon jam first. When my sister [Preeti] tried it, she suggested I should start a venture, and even came up with the name,” says the 31-year-old, who also runs a fashion accessory label.

(From left) Spicy Porker, Sweet Pork, Porkerizo, Pokernaise and Pork Pickle
(From left) Spicy Porker, Sweet Pork, Porkerizo, Pokernaise and Pork Pickle

She delivers across Mumbai, and ships items to other parts of the country too. However, you need to order in advance. We first dig into Porkerizo, a chorizo jam with marmalade like consistency that greases our taste buds with sweet and spicy flavours, finished off with a smoked aftertaste. The samples include two types of Porkers – sweet and spicy jams – made with bacon. While sweet version is simple, with only sugar and bacon, the spicy offers a hint of cinnamon too. “I’ve tried them as pizza toppings, in mac and cheese and topped them even on chocolate pancakes,” reveals John.

Adding a mental note to make a spicy porker waffle sandwich, we move to Pokernaise. Unfortunately, the mayonnaise tastes more like a mustard sauce, lacking the distinct bacon flavour. Instead, we seek solace in Pork Pickle that packs a punch with its tangy and spicy flavours soaked in by soft pork bits. We feel sorted for lunch as we mop it up with aloo parathas, happy to have discovered our go-to option when we’re craving comfort food. John tells us she’s in the process of trying bacon butter and bacon salt. When refrigerated, these items last for upto a month.

Call: 8097075107
Cost: `300 (200gm); `650 (500gm)

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