President Donald Trump Spotted With Toilet Paper On His Shoes, Twitter Trolls Him Like Crazy


During Elections in the US,… President Donald Trump appeared as the strong leader and presented himself as a strong man, he also won by the majority of votes but from then onwards has became a laughing stock and meme worldwide.

Once Trump was owned by a school teacher because of his poor grammar and now President Trump was spotted with a piece of ‘toilet paper’ stuck to one of his shoes and people can’t stop laughing.

In a footage, Trump walking up the stairs to the aircraft at the Minneapolis- Saint Paul International airport and when he reached the top of the stairs, he moved back to the crowd. There are many staff members around but no one alerted him and left everyone cracking the jokes.

Here is the Video

Click here to watch footage directly on Twitter

And as soon as this video went public, people bursted out with laughing

Here are the tweets

1. Well..

2.Is it though?

3. Oh Sad

4. LOL, Yes


6. Hahaha.

7. Oh so confused

8. Read that again

9. Haha, Wah Wah

Well, isn’t it strange?

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