Top 5 healthy modaks you can try in Mumbai during Ganeshotsav


From oats modak to dark chocolate modak, here is a list of top 5 healthy modaks you can savour during Ganesh festival in Mumbai

Top 5 healthy modaks you can try during Ganesh Chaturthi
Modak platter

Malai modak, chocolate modak, mawa modak, Ganpati Bappa’s feast is incomplete without a plate of modaks. And, so is ours during Ganesh festival! But, this Ganeshotsav, ditch the calorie laden modaks and try their healthy alternatives. We bet the modaks taste yummy and are perfect sweets to indulge in during the festival in Mumbai. What more do you need when you have more ‘goodness’ on a platter?

1. Oats modak: Made with jaggery instead of sugar, Oats modak is an all time favourite healthy Indian dessert to savour during Ganesh festival. Crush the oats to give a fine texture to the dessert. Keep a frying pan in low flame and put jaggery on to it. Once the jaggery melts, add coconut oil, crushed coconut, powdered oats and assorted crushed dry fruits. Make a fine mixture and keep it aside to cool down. Once the mixture cools down, place it in a modak mould, press hard and take it out gently. Place it on a plate, garnish with pistachio and your nutritious oats modak is ready to be served.

Top 5 healthy modaks you can try during Ganesh ChaturthiOats modak

2. Figs and dates modak: Soak dates and figs in hot water for some time. Once it turns soft, drain the water and grind it to make a fine paste. Take a handful of almonds and cashews and ground it into a fine powder. Heat a pan, add ghee, dates and figs mixture and powdered nuts gradually. Cook it for a while and place it aside to call down. Put the mixture in a modak mould, press it, and take out from the mould once the shape is formed.

3. Chana Dal ka Modak: Consumption of legumes in any form is good for health. Boil chana dal in a pressure cooker, drain out excess water and mash the dal to make a smooth paste. Add jaggery and ¼ water to a pan. Keep the pan in low flame and stir the jaggery until it melts. Add chana dal and 1/3 cup of grated coconut to the jaggery syrup. Mix everything and cook on a low flame until a thick mixture is formed. Let it cool down before you start shaping it in the form of modak. Fill the mould with the mixture for healthy and delicious chana dal modak.

Top 5 healthy modaks you can try during Ganesh ChaturthiUkadiche Modak

4. Ukadiche Modak: Also known as steamed modak, this is one of the popular and nutritious versions of modak available in the market. The sweet dumplings are made from rice flour. Add rice flour in a pan of boiling water. Mix well, knead into a soft dough and keep it aside to cool down. Heat ghee and add coconut, jaggery and poppy seeds to it. Make a thick mixture and let it cool for a while. Make rice balls, stuff the centre of the balls with the mixture and put them in a modak mould. Moisten the modaks with little water and place them in a steamer. Steam for around 10 minutes and serve warm.

5. Dark chocolate modak: Heat dark chocolate and milk in a pan until it turns into a smooth mixture. Add crushed digestive biscuit crumbs to make the modak more nutritious and knead to form a soft dough. Once the paste cools down, put it in a modak mould and serve. Garnish it with finely chopped nuts.

None of these modaks is made of sugar and is therefore perfect for those on a diet plan or those who are looking out for healthy alternatives of the traditional dessert. Yet, these are delicious in taste and are ideal to indulge during the festival. The recipes are simply too. So, why not give it a try at home?

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