Zero Hour Organisation Says That Earth Will End In 2040. 100 Companies Might Be Responsible For It


Climate change is real and as per the latest update, it’s the most important issue to deal with recently. A group of leading world scientists have issued a serious warning that our dear planet Earth may last till the year 2040 only.

The verified channel of Zero Hour confirmed the news on Twitter. They wrote-

Today, we received some very scary news. Scientist have predicted that our earth will only last till 2040. The environmental crisis is real, and #ThisIsZeroHour.

The major reason behind this stage as we know is climate change but the biggest reason behind climate change is being stated as capitalism which is, therefore, the basic challenge to tackle right now.

As per an international magazine report, Among all the companies in the world, just one hundred companies are responsible for 71% of all global carbon pollution since 1988. Now that’s really serious and clearly tells the story.

To tackle the issue these billion dollar companies must come ahead and find a Plan B to take their businesses ahead. Nothing is more important than planet and people living on it.

The production and usage of coal is a major reason behind climate change and a country like China is already decreasing their dependence over it. However, USA and Russia haven’t joined the league and instead they have increased the coal production.

Now this is a pretty serious issue and we hope all the governments of the world come together to take a strong action regarding it.

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